• Fire-Medic Group in the event

    Whether you want to attend a class or have medical professionals at your event, Fire-Medic Group is there for you.



CPR training

You can save a life!

You'll be able to help someone when they need it most after attending our CPR classes. You'll never know when you'll need CPR training! You may need to save a life in case of an emergency!

Read more about CPR classes.

Do you need First Aid training?

You never know when you'll need first aid training. Let us teach you the steps you'll need to take in case of an emergency. You'll come out of our class more comfortable, and ready to help in a time of need.

Read more about First Aid Classes.

Outdoor event

Protect the lives important to you!

Ensure the safety of your event by hiring an EMT! Your patron's will stay safe in case an emergency does happen. You can enjoy your event, while the EMT's make sure everybody stays safe!

Feel secure at your events.

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